Talentfinder was born in 2010 to answer a real need: some companies want to manage their recruitment processes internally, but these companies often lacked a management tool to achieve this objective.Coming from a strong experience in recruitment (where we are active since 1989), we decided to propose our own solution – in its version Talentfinder – to these companies:

  • A professional tool (which our recruitment consultants use on a daily basis);
  • Capable of providing solutions for the challenges in a recruitment process (candidate sourcing, candidate management, jobsite management and branding, reporting…);
  • A web-based tool allowing permanent access whenever it suits (only requiring an Internet connection);
  • An accessible pricing structure depending on the use.

Since the launch, the solution has been permanently upgraded, listening to our clients comments and needs, and integrating the ideas into the next version.

The key being to provide a great return on investment and a great HR and candidate user experience.

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