An online recruitment campaign

Our trilingual experts will transform your job description into an attractive recruitment advert.
SEO optimizations and keyword selections ensure your advert is found. The advert is published on the paying and free job boards and automatically linked to our online recruitment software.

A mini branded job site

An attractive, responsive, mobile friendly job site that ensures your candidates get a great impression of your company.
You can link this free of charge to your website – and continue to use it in the future!

A personalized application form

Best practise means that we ask the candidates to upload a minimum amount of information (Name, CV, email) and make the application process easy. However you can activate preselection questions and a wide range of other options if you prefer to collect more information.

A real tool to manage your recruitment

Our online recruitment software collects all the candidates into a “mission manager” and allows an easy and automatic management of your recruitment process. You can connect anywhere, anytime, to screen CV’s, plan interviews, refuse candidates and of course create short lists for the hiring managers.

All in a totally secure web based environment.

A candidate management tool

The software provides an easy process to take a candidate from "New CV" to "Contract offer". Each step has a pre-prepared email that allows you to communicate with the candidate with a simple click.

A tool to predict performance

We have integrated The Thalento® e-Assessments to provide you with clear and objective information to predict the performance, behavior, motivation and competencies of a candidate. Payment on demand means you can download reports only when you need the info.

How does it work ?

Let our experts help you !

The only objective of the TalentPack is the help you recruit the best talents.
This this why we focus on:

The acquisition of candidates, by spreading your optimized recruitment advert on the best performing job sites;

the management of candidates, using our recruitment software to analyse and screen the CV’s, invite to interviews, refuse candidates, and interact with colleagues;

easy communication : a few clicks access a series of actions, that automatically generate emails, appointments and of course all braded in the image of your company;

a seamless integration of an evaluation solution – Thalento®, generates an “on demand” report that helps you predict the probable performance of your candidates.

The good news is that our experts will take care of all the administrative set up, and are there to support you in the management of your recruitment process.

Find, communicate, manage and assess your candidates is extremely simple with the TalentPack. Any questions are immediately answered by our team of experts who are ready to help you by phone or live chat.

To guarantee the success of your recruitment campaign:

1 You

  • Send us a job description for the open position
  • Communicate the contact details of the recruitment responsible
  • Send us your company logo

2 Our experts

  • Optimize your recruitment job description
  • Publish your advert on the main recruitment sites
  • Create a mini job site in the look and feel of your company
  • Show you how to manage your candidates with our recruitment software

3 Next steps

  • All the candidates are sent to your recruitment software (secure and online)
  • You can treat them in a few clicks (screening, interviews, evaluation)
  • You assess the best candidates
  • You recruit your new colleague