A software to manage your recruitment processes

Talenttool is a high performance recruitment software built for recruiters.

Powerful, intuitive and simple. You can manage your whole recruitment process A-Z.

A tool to manage your job offers

Create a job offer, link the recruiter and hiring manager and choose the publication languages. Publish to your job site, free channels and paying job boards.

A Job section on your company website

A best practice career site, responsive, mobile, attractive. Give the right message to your potential candidates and efficiently convert web site visitors and applicants into future employees.
Extensive experience allows us to present a project in less than a week.

A made to measure application form

Best practise means that we ask the candidates to upload a minimum amount of information (Name, CV, email) and make the application process easy. However you can activate preselection questions and a wide range of other options if you prefer to collect more information. In all cases the candidate receives a professional and attractive form to apply for the job.

A Candidate management tool

The candidate list gives direct access to all the applicants. The CV preview allows quick decisions to be made - and group actions to ask approval, refuse candidates etc.

A detailed summary of each application

Details of the candidate application give a clean summary to consult all the information concerning the candidate, CV preview, preselection questions, status in process, comments and interview notes - etc. A few clicks and a series of actions can be carried out: Validation by a line manager, send invitations, confirm interviews, send negative letters, etc.

A tool to predict performance

We have integrated The Thalento® e-Assessments to provide you with clear and objective information to predict the performance, behavior, motivation and competencies of a candidate. Payment on demand means you can download reports only when you need the info.

A database

All the candidates are automatically integrated into a high performance database. A powerful parsing tool extracts all the information from a CV and allows a recruiter to search on a wide set of criteria. Target selections can be followed up with mailings to candidates to check their interest in new job openings.

A powerful reporting tool

We love to measure! TalentTool has powerful HR analytics that track every process that occurs in the tool. All this information can be exported directly to a PDF or excel file for presentations.

Would you like to try?

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To help you understand the features of our software, we have a created a “test” environment where you can find some fictive positions and candidates.

Click on "Try it for free" below to access your test environment, once connected – you have a full access to :

Open and select CV’s, send mails, look at the HR analytics and reporting, and gain a complete understanding of our solution.

If you have any questions concerning the use of functions available our trilingual customer service experts will be happy to help by phone or live chat.