BMW Group Belux

With its three brands BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce, the BMW group is one of the most renowned high-end manufacturers in the car and motorbike industry. The multinational has 29 manufacturing and assembly plants in 14 countries and its distribution network is active in 140 countries of the world.

A subsidiary of BMW AG, BMW Belgium Luxembourg SA is responsible for distributing BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad products and services in Belgium and the Grand Duchy under the trade name BMW Group Belux. BMW Group Belux was founded in 1974 and has 68 official dealerships. The main headquarters, in Bornem, coordinates sales and all marketing activities.

The success of the BMW group has for a long time relied on long term reflection. In its strategy the company has introduced the notions of ecology and social sustainability throughout its production chain, demonstrating responsibility for its products and economical use of raw materials. It is no coincidence that BMW group has been the leader in its field on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Thanks to new technologies, the vehicles produced by the BMW group are safer, which is clearly shown in accident statistics. In collaboration with research partners and cities across the world, the company creates new concepts to ensure the transport of tomorrow is even more effective.

In 2012, the BMW group sold around 1.85 million cars and 117,000 motorbikes throughout the world. A year earlier, its turnover was €69 billion and it paid almost €7.38 billion in tax. At the end of 2011, the company had 100,000 employees throughout the world.

Before Talentfinder

An interview with Vera Mols, Dealer HR Support Manager, responsible for supporting HR processes in the BMW and MINI distribution network, outlined the situation before and after the implementation of Talentfinder.

"Until 2010, our dealerships generally had to manage their own staff recruitment and short-listing. We had no uniform process or system. Naturally, we wanted to improve the situation, and at just the right time we came across a program called "JOY'N US". Prior to its launch, we had looked at the possibility of developing our own database and improving our brand image as an employer."

"Today, we effectively manage our own database of 30,000 CVs thanks to Talentfinder, which is used by our recruitment service and most of our dealerships. It includes all the information on each candidate. The software is easy to use and enables the most qualified applicants to be found very quickly."

Benefits of Talentfinder

"All applications on our jobsite, even speculative ones, automatically receive a very professional looking response. The standard emails provided by Talentfinder can easily be personalised with text or a logo."

"With Talentfinder, you can check the entire history of each candidate, which enables you to recommence a discussion that had been started a number of months earlier, for example. The person you speak to has the impression that you have known them for a long time. For our brand image as an employer, this personal approach and feeling of trust is of course an asset. Centralising the history of our candidates enables us to know whether a candidate has contacted several dealerships, which is extremely useful for finding out the reasons why they were not recruited. For our recruitment service, the centralised history in the database is a gauge of time and efficiency savings."

"The three people in our recruitment service work constantly with Talentfinder and regularly request additional functionality from the designers of the software. The whole Profile Group team, including the management, respond to these requests immediately and new customised functionality is developed for BMW. It is obvious that the designers understand the recruitment and selection process well, as their solutions are efficient and their processes are logical. The flexibility, speed and involvement of the Profile Group team are crucial for us. It is a reliable and professional brand."


"For all vacancies, we firstly consult our database. Moreover, we are increasingly finding the right candidate there. You can imagine the savings we are making, as we no long need to publish advertisements."

"The specific nature of our "JOY'N US" activity involves helping our dealerships with their recruitment processes. The implementation of Talentfinder has undoubtedly had a positive impact on this activity."


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