The city of Brussels has 3800 employees, which makes it one of the most important employers in the Brussels Capital Region. The city is also the largest municipality of the region by population. Each year more than 250 vacancies for various functions are published by external recruitment partners.

In addition to the services related to civil status and the population register, the City of Brussels also offers cultural services, education and childcare, while ensuring urban and commercial development on its territory. Next to the administrative services the city ensures it offers everything to make its inhabitants lives comfortable.

Because of that, the vacancies of the city are very diverse (engineers, office clerks, lawyers, …)

Before Talentfinder…

Given the increasing number of applications to be processed by our Human Resources department and in order to ensure the quality of our service, the City of Brussels decided in 2014 to rely on Talentfinder to manage its job offers and applications.

Since Talentfinder…

With Talentfinder we now manage more than 22,000 applications in our database in a fast and efficient way. The choice for a structured and intuitive database proved to be a win-win. It has allowed our recruiters to save a considerable amount of time. The candidates benefit as well: their applications are managed  faster and more efficiently.

This platform allowing each candidate to manage his own profile has helped to improve the autonomy of the candidates and create a real added value during interactions with our recruiters. Our collaboration with Profile Group has enabled our recruitment team to focus on their main task again: selecting candidates. In addition, this program reduces the use of paper. The deontological code of the City of Brussels highlights our desire to limit our ecological footprint.

Our employer branding has also benefited from our collaboration with Profile Group. With Talentfinder we have more control over the recruitment process which makes us more flexible in the publication of our job offers. Even more: we used to depend on an external IT-department for the publication of our vacancies on the city’s website.

Talentfinder also makes it easy to share our job offers with our partners and to publish them on the various job boards.

Because the Talentfinder interface is very intuitive, the transition to the new system went very smoothly. Profile Group adapted the layout to our corporate identity and any changes we introduced were implemented very quickly. For the last three years we’ve been benefiting from the efficient support of the Profile Group team, which is always quick to answer every of our questions and comments.


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