Galva Power, innovation and dynamism

Galva Power is a family company with eight divisions in Belgium and Luxembourg. It specialises in hot-dip galvanizing and duplex coatings. Each year, the 400 Galva Power's motivated employees process over 140,000 tonnes of steel.

Galva Power is the only group in Europe capable of offering a range of integrated services for surface treatments (hot-dip galvanizing and duplex coatings). Pioneers in research and development, Galva Power has launched the duroZINQ®, colorZINQ® and microZINQ® brands. Its assortment of products and services meet the strictest technical standards (ISO). The group controls all of the process chain for steel products and projects.

Hilde de Smet, who has been working for this dynamic company for 11 years, three of them as a HR manager, describes her meeting with Profile Group. She advises six institution managers and is responsible for central recruitment which involves around half a dozen employee vacancies each year.

"I was contacted out of the blue by one of your consultants in 2010. This lady impressed me, as did your concept and the services you offer. Your prices are extremely competitive. She convinced me to post advertisements with you and to use Talentfinder."

Before Talentfinder...

"Our aim is to attract strong candidates quickly and efficiently. Whether or not we use Talentfinder will depend on the nature of the role. This is the case for IT or R&D engineer posts."

"At the end of last year two posts became vacant: the first for a R&D engineer, the second for a technical manager's assistant. After advertising for a month, we had received 80 applications for the first post, many of which came from abroad. 16 candidates were invited to interview – inviting foreign candidates took the most time. We had eight candidates for the second post and the best candidate signed their contract after just four weeks!"

Benefits of Talentfinder

"Recruiting for the two vacancies using Talentfinder was extremely quick. The user-friendliness and efficiency of the software saves us a huge amount of time. Line managers also having access to the information has a beneficial effect on the speed with which a decision is made."

"We have a clear report of the applicants for each post. As they receive an initial confirmation immediately, this has a considerable impact on our brand image as an employer."

"Talentfinder's presentation is clear and its price is competitive. The publication of advertisements is no cheaper than it was previously, but it avoids all of the work required to collate supplementary information in a single tool. On the balance sheet, this results in savings."


"As we don't have many vacancies, at present we only use the report, not the templates offered by the tool. In this way we ensure we maintain personal contact with the applicants."

"After the initial training, I still had a few questions on some of the software's functionality, but I got an immediate response by making just one phone call. The service is quite simply BRILLIANT."

"The return is considerably greater than that with advertisements posted on different websites; the concept is great and offers really good value for money.


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