QinetiQ, the last word in defence and security

QinetiQ is a company which operates throughout the world in the fields of defence and security. It is a well-known supplier in over 40 countries, aside from its domestic markets of the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. The aim of this international presence is to expand and deepen its core business. QinetiQ employs more than 10,000 people across the globe and its researchers and engineers are capable of resolving highly specialised problems.

QinetiQ is the largest research and technology company in the United Kingdom. 85% of its staff work in high level national security. QinetiQ encourages its employees to think and act differently. With its know-how, the company provides innovative services and solutions and continually challenges the limits of the possible, for example in the fields of energy and the environment.

QinetiQ Space SA

QinetiQ Space SA in Kruibeke (close to Anvers), a department of QinetiQ Europe, specialises in aeronautics. Its third satellite PROBA-V was launched at the start of 2013.

Whilst telephone canvassing for Talentfinder software, we contacted Kathleen D'Eer, the dynamic Management Assistant of Didier Rosseneu, Finance Director. She manages the applications received following advertisements published by the Head of HR, Ann Snels, and the Head of Department. QinetiQ Space SA employees some 70 people and four posts became vacant in 2012.

Before Talentfinder...

"We already had a recruitment tool in our PDM database. Applications were logged there for recruitment purposes. The disadvantage, however, was that it was impossible to see which jobsite the candidates had applied through. In addition, the manual processing of e-mails was very time-consuming."

"When I learnt that there was a possibility of using the Talentfinder recruitment software for free by purchasing just one Talentpack (form for posting advertisements online), I wanted to get involved straight away. After internal consultation with the Head of Department, we purchased the credits to post our advertisements using Talentpack. The purchase order and the text for applications were sent out by email and everything was online two days later. Everything was done very quickly and professionally, both other the telephone and on the Internet."

Benefits of Talentfinder

"The web-based software is very accessible. You don't need to be an IT expert. We received a username and a password and after a demonstration session over the telephone with a employee from Profile Group, we had a clear understanding of the program's functionality."

"The management of vacancies, applications and contact within a single globalised platform is very straightforward. The status of each application can be checked at any time, as can the names of candidates who are still being considered or who have already been rejected, etc."

"The platform also offers a clear statement of the flow of applicants. This is very useful for finding out which jobsites were used."

"Owing to the widespread visibility of our jobs on national and regional jobsites, we now reach even more applicants than in the past. And of course, the probability of finding that rare jewel is much greater."

"One of the great assets of this program are the standardised texts, designed to ensure the correct response is sent to each applicant, whilst making it easy to personalise the text."


"We are completely satisfied. This program is transparent, a lot faster and saves us half of the time that was previously required to process applications. We will definitely use Talentfinder and Talentpack when we need specialist staff."

"I won't hesitate to recommend Talentfinder, especially as it is a global system which easily records all components and presents them as a summary!"