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“We find most candidates via Talentfinder. Consequently, we scarcely use recruitment companies anymore, which has helped us make some serious savings.”

Reynaers Aluminium

To build or renovate? You can trust Reynaers Aluminium!

Founded in 1965, Reynaers Aluminium is a company based in Duffel, between Brussels and Antwerp. Established in 33 countries, it is a premium European supplier of innovative and sustainable aluminium systems for buildings. The company assists architects and potential builders with updating and constructing all types of buildings: office blocks which are almost transparent, modern residential dwellings, energy-efficient buildings with integrated photovoltaic modules, not to mention traditional window frames for private homes.

Reynaers Aluminium's products have developed: previously simply aesthetic components, today they form an integral part of the building.

To respond as effectively as possible to the requirements of the building market, Reynaers Aluminium always links its innovative ideas with the most recent techniques.

We met Lesley Verdonck, an enthusiastic HR Business Partner who is responsible for a workforce of about 400 people in Belgium, half of whom are employees. Lesley is in charge of recruitment but also human resources internationally. At the start of 2012, Reynaers Aluminium still didn't have an automated recruitment process. Manual processing of around thirty vacancies each year and the insertion of advertisements took up an enormous amount of time, to the point where a solution needed to be found.

Before Talentfinder...

"Recording CVs in files and sending email responses to applicants were very tedious tasks. We are delighted to have opted for the combined package of the Talentpack online jobsite with the integration of the platform Talentfinder. The competitive price meant it was the ideal solution for us."

"The implementation was very quick and efficient. The initial training was good, and gave plenty of opportunity to learn about the product."

Benefits of Talentfinder

"As soon as the vacancy is entered in Talentfinder, it automatically appears on the Reynaers website. It is then passed on to different jobsites simply by making a telephone call to Profile Group. The platform also enables the applicants to be contacted by telephone. Those that are rejected, however, remain in the database for future opportunities. Talentfinder enables changes to be made, which are replicated on the Reynaers Aluminium website and, by contacting Profile Group, on the various jobsites concerned."

"Talentfinder is a very user-friendly tool. The amount of functionality available is impressive. We constantly have an up-to-date report on candidates and vacancies to be filled. It's really reassuring." All CVs end up in the database instead of scattered about in our respective inboxes."

"We find most candidates via Talentfinder. Consequently, we scarcely use recruitment companies any more, which has helped us make some serious savings."


"For posting vacancies, we now only have one point of contact, in this instance Profile Group. It is much more practical and faster than having to contact a lot of providers to evaluate what each one is offering."

"I'm really satisfied with Profile Group's service and staff. Having received training over the telephone, I still had a few questions, but I was helped immediately and always in a really cheerful way."

"The centralising of CVs, the summary of applicants and vacancies, the ease and speed with which you can look up former candidates who are still in the database are just a few of Talentfinder's very user-friendly functions. Reynaers Aluminium is extremely happy with it!"