RZ Sint-Maria Halle: a passion for humanity

The Regionaal Ziekenhuis Sint-Maria (Sainte-Marie Regional Hospital) has defined its objectives and tasks in its operational charter. Driven by a Christian vision, this hospital wishes to offer the very best in medicine and care to each patient, irrespective of their religion, their philosophical beliefs, their race and skin colour, their origins and socio-cultural background and their financial and social status.

To meet this objective, the institution insists on the values of mutual respect, free choice of the patient, solidarity, honesty, collaboration and freedom of opinion. The directors and staff of the not-for-profit organisation Regionaal Ziekenhuis Sint-Maria aim, in addition to demonstrating the utmost respect for human beings and operating from a Christian standpoint on life, to provide the patients sent to them with the best quality of care possible.

The hospital wishes to demonstrate this intention by ensuring it excels in each and every task and action it performs. Because its moral perspective is geared towards wider society and centres on efficiency, the institution takes a professional approach to all its activities, including the allocation of resources. Choices must be defined according to objective questionnaires, open dialogue and respect for others.

Staff assistant Marielle Schroer has a varied role, including the management of around 850 staff, with about 50 vacant posts to be filled each year.

Before Talentfinder

"In the past, we worked with an external database; it was difficult to locate applicant information within it and impossible to take into account internal applicants. We were looking for a simple system, with just one centralised database."

"In 2010 it was suggested that we purchase Talentfinder recruitment software. We felt that the possibility of posting advertisements using Talentpack to fill our vacancies was the ideal solution."

Benefits of Talentfinder

"For us, using Talentfinder has meant a significant change to our former way of working. Now we have a clear record of the different applicants and one centralised database for all applicants, both internal and external."

"The software is practical and easy to use. If you look at the no-letter function for creating rejection letters, for example. In one click, we can send an automatic email with a negative response to those candidates whose application has been rejected."

"The Internet-based system offers one significant advantage: it provides access to the database from anywhere and for an unlimited number of users."

"With the Talentpack advertisements, we sometimes have a huge number of responses for certain vacant posts. We are also very happy with the service we have received from PROFILE GROUP: the company responds immediately to all of our questions."


"We now have a much more structured database, with lots of advertisements and an efficient service."

Talentfinder recruitment software is very user-friendly. Posting online advertisements results in a huge number of responses and enables us to find the best candidates. We are extremely satisfied with our current method of working and have already recommended Talentfinder to others, which has resulted in yet more new happy clients."


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