SQM, a dynamic Chilean company listed on the stock exchange

Founded in 1968 and located in Chile, SQM is a company which has acquired a great reputation owing to its vast range of specialities and applications in five fields: special plant food, iodine and derivatives, lithium and derivatives, industrial chemicals and potassium. SQM applies strict ethical standards to its shareholders (the company is listed on the stock exchange), its staff, its customers and its suppliers, not to mention the environment and society as a whole. Its aim is to maintain and consolidate its position as a leader on a global scale.

SQM Europe

The European subsidiary of SQM is based in Anvers. This small office of around forty people is responsible for sales and logistics in Europe, Africa and Asia.

We met Kris Van den Bruel, Finance Director and jointly responsible for Human Resources. SQM Europe has been a loyal Profile Group client since 2007.

Before Talentfinder...

"As an advisor on recruitment techniques to the managers in the department, last year I was wondering how we could speed up our processes. The departments felt the need to examine the profile of the applicants themselves. The consultant from Profile Group immediately made me an offer."

"The Talentfinder offering and the packages for posting advertisements on jobsites met the criteria that we had set ourselves. As we were looking for two sales representatives and the same number of IT experts, we decided to use Talentfinder. The managers of in the departments were delighted with the response but especially the quality of the applicants. There is no longer a risk of strong applications slipping through the net."

"Depending on the profile sought, the managers can choose between R&S or Talentfinder. It's the ideal combination."

Benefits of Talentfinder

"All of the recruitment process is centralised in a single database, which is well organised and offers numerous possibilities."

"The automation means that we avoid a considerable number of administrative procedures. For me, configuring standardised emails and "killer" screening questions are the essential tools. The use of this filter is proving to be more efficient."

"A username and password, a demo and detailed instructions for use, that's all that's required to start using Talentfinder. And as it's a web-based tool, it can even be used from home. In other words, we can really focus on HR-specific tasks."

"As it is very good value for money, Talentfinder really deserves to be recommended. It seems to me to be a vital tool for anyone wishing to undertake recruitment themselves."


"Given the small size of our company, we only recruit a few people each year. For now, we are therefore happy to use the report and the templates provided by the program. In the future, however, we hope to use the report creation function."

"Each candidate that enters their profile automatically receives a response. This contributes to our company's positive brand image."