- Veritas

“We believe that in terms of administration, using this platform has enabled us to make a 70% saving on the time we previously devoted to the same tasks.”


How to be you in today’s fashion

Having bought a small haberdashery wholesale business, in 1892 the Leestmans family opened a shop in the Kleine Beerstraat (Rue de la Petite Ourse) in Antwerp. They very quickly opened more shops, run by brothers, sisters, parents and close associates of the founder. Today, Veritas is a chain of over 120 shops in Belgium and Luxembourg and has 7.5 million customers each year.

For more than 120 years Veritas has been meeting the needs of its clients when it comes to searching for ready-to-wear accessories and creative ideas. The chain is a source of constant inspiration for personalising your appearance, matching accessories, wearing them in an original way and creating new designs yourself.

Before Talentfinder

Veritas was our first Talentfinder client and remains a very loyal one. With Profile Group, Veritas worked to pioneer en 2009 the first implementation of the software platform. This is what Bernadette Van Mol, a recruitment advisor and jointly responsible for managing 800 workers, has to say,

"Before we started using Talentfinder, our recruitment procedure was completely disorganised. We were swamped with speculative application letters, application forms, CVs and emails. It was impossible to get an overall picture of the situation. Our time was wasted on processing all documents manually instead of closely examining strong applications. Because of this, we definitely overlooked very capable individuals and replying to all applicants was immensely time-consuming."

Benefits of Talentfinder

"By automating the administrative processes, the management of vacancies is today the responsibility of just one individual."

"Our recruitment process is now structured, we have a reliable and detailed record of the situation. We can therefore react a lot more quickly and better examine the skills of strong applicants, even those who have sent a speculative letter."

"Talentfinder is a very user-friendly software: by submitting an application via our website, all users receive a letter of confirmation from the office. Automated emails regularly inform applicants throughout the process. Our brand image had improved considerably. Let's not forget that as we are a retailer, each applicant is also a potential customer. That's why we believe that effective monitoring is vital, in the interests of our brand image as an employer."

"By making our jobsite more professional, we receive more applicants and they respond more quickly to our vacancies."


"Following the implementation of Talentfinder in 2009, we evaluated the impact of the savings, in time and financial resources, generated during the recruitment process. We believe that in terms of administration, using this platform has enabled us to make a 70% saving on the time we previously devoted to the same tasks. As the quality and number of applications has increased, we can publish fewer advertisements, which enables us to make further savings. I'm most definitely a big fan of Talentfinder."

"We have huge plans for the future, the Veritas group is going to expand even more. We are going to launch a new website and we want to use Talentfinder to help with each stage of the process."