your own recruitment software
Fully customized by us, for you
Why do I need TalentTool?
  • Your job is to recruit candidates
  • You want an easy to use recruitment software
  • You want candidates to love your job site
  • You want to focus on Humans rather than on admin
TalentTool is the best recruitment solution for you because it’s:
  • An online recruitment software that requires no installation
  • Customized (by us, for you) to fit your own recruitment process
  • Branded: you get a great Career page seamlessly integrated in your company website
  • Delivered in 2 working days
  • Easy to use for you with a lot of one-click predefined (bulk) actions
  • Loved by candidates: easy application process, reply guaranteed, mobile ready access…
  • Loved by recruiters: easy communication with colleagues and candidates, HR analytics, customizable workflow, on demand support, auto-built database…
  • Loved by Legal department as it is GDPR compliant
  • Always adaptable to always fit your needs
How does it work?