De Facto Image Building is a full service, independent Belgium communication agency.

We have specialized in communication for more than 25 years.

We started as a specialized HR communication agency, but due to satisfied clients, we received requests to develop other communication tools, such as B2B brochures, B2C adverts, media plans, graphic identities, web sites …. In short everything you would need to talk to the right public at the right time. We can count on our internal experts specialized in; communication, media, graphics and web.

Simply put, we build your image. – from a new corporate identity – to an online media campaign, using radio and TV. We provide sound advice and invest ourselves totally to give you innovative and effective designs.

Thalento® is about People and Talents.

As a leading provider of cloud/SaaS based e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions, we deliver result oriented answers for Selection, Retention, Succession Planning, Competency Management and Talent Development. Our Talent Analytics provide valuable insights into your organisation’s future. We are dedicated to the ultimate User Experience with focus on the integration and extreme adaptability as a part of our DNA.

Thalento® provides answers to the WHY and HOW questions of People and their Talents. Clients use our solutions, available in 20 languages, in 40 countries around the world.


As specialists in staff management, OKc provides the HR software to track the performance of your human capital. Years of expertise in human resources and software lay the foundations for the success and growth of our products and organization.

Since 2001, OKc sets the tone in the field of staff management and of the conversion of a strategic HR staff management into workable tools. We help organizations set up professional personnel policies.

OKc has its roots in the personal mission of Patrick Verschelde. He founded OKc in 2001 after a successful career as an HR manager. Together with the OKc team, he has been offering state-of-the-art HR solutions since then.

We use our vast experience in personnel policy as the foundation for the personnel policy solutions that we offer online. Each and every of them is a pragmatic solution for streamlining personnel policy throughout the entire organization in a user-friendly way. That is why we do not see ourselves as a software company. We are HR specialists who have invested in software solutions so that we can offer our clients customized answers to the ever more complex requirements in personnel policy.