is an online recruitment campaign that allows you to find and source candidates on the main jobboards

With Talentpack:

  • Your recruitment advert is optimized by our experts
  • We publish it, with your logo, on:
    • Vacature
    • Logo Références
    • Logo Jobat
    • Logo Stepstone
    • Logo Monster
    • Logo Indeed
    • Logo Jobify
    • Logo Linkedin

    And also on your mini branded job site, that we create for you

  • You have an access to an online recruitment software that allows you to screen CV’s, plan interviews and communicate with candidates in a few clicks.


is a high performance recruitment software, fully integrated with your website, to manage all of your recruitment needs throughout the year

With TalentTool:

You and all the people participating in the recruitment process have an unlimited access to our online recruitment tool that allows:

  • to screen CV’s, plan interviews, ask Hiring manager approval, send negative replies … and all with a few clicks
  • to integrally manage the Career page of your company website : publication of open positions, personalized application forms, manage spontaneous candidates
  • to build your own database where all of the candidates that apply – including spontaneous – are automatically saved
  • to generate complete and detailed reports on your recruitment processes via powerful HR analytics

Some references

These companies already use our recruitment software

Built by recruiters, for recruiters !

TalentPack or TalentTool, behind our two solutions we have a high performance recruitment software adapted to companies of all sizes, secure, user-friendly and affordable, and that is ready to perform: Make your recruitment process simpler, quicker and more efficient.

  • <strong>Flexible</strong> recruitment process

    Flexible recruitment process

    Talentfinder provides a simple and logical recruitment process. Made by recruiters – for recruiters.

  • <strong>Team</strong> work

    Team work

    Recruiters and recruiting managers can work together and follow the process with their own logins.

  • <strong>Your guarantee</strong> to recruit the best candidates

    Your guarantee to recruit the best candidates

    All of your candidates can automatically be assessed. Thalento, a leading provider of e-assesments, is integrated directly into our software.

  • Your <strong>database</strong>

    Your database

    All the candidates that apply are automatically saved and managed in your database. Targeted searches allow your recruiters to easily communicate with candidates.

  • <strong>A.T.S</strong>


    Our software is a latest generation Applicant Tracking System: an intuitive software that allows you to manage job offers, candidates (screening, interviews, hiring) on line. All you need is your web browser!

  • <strong>HR Analytics</strong>

    HR Analytics

    A powerful reporting module allows you to track everything! The source of candidates, performance of media, the activity of your recruiters, time to hire and much more. All of this information can be exported to high quality graphic reports.

  • <strong>Spread your job offers</strong>

    Spread your job offers

    Our software allows you to post your job directly on your own website, your intranet, your social media pages, and of course on a wide selection of paying and free job boards.

  • Your <strong>company brand</strong>

    Your company brand

    With the Talentpack solution we offer a free « mini » job site which provides a professional presentation of your jobs and application forms. The TalentTool solution provides a totally integrated modern and responsive job site that seamlessly respects your graphic charter. Both solutions upgrade your HR brand.