Candidate centric

Built for a marketplace where candidates get to choose


of candidates say they regularly experience poor recruiting practices.


of candidates drop out because of a bad recruitment process.

Candidate centric

Built for easy application

  • Customise the application forms.
  • Remove obstacles for the candidates.
  • Choose how candidates apply – CVs, letters, videos... 
  • Use our instant calendar booking system for smooth interactions.
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Candidate centric

Built for full transparency

  • Candidates can manage their personal data in their profile page: save, access, edit, delete. 
  • They can sign up for a job alert and even ‘track and trace’ the ongoing recruitment so they know at what stage the process is. 
  • Candidates are also able to set their preferences as we are 100% GDPR compliant.
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Candidate centric

Built for feedback

  • Organise candidate feedback via automated communication and survey templates.
  • Measure what is important for a candidate when applying for a job and evaluate how they feel along the way.
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Recruiter centric

Built to help you focus on the candidate

Recruiter centric

Built to attract

  • Just relax – we set up your custom job site in 48h, all seamlessly integrated with your own website. While other ATS might ask you to take care of this stage, our in-house web developer and recruitment experts are here to optimise your Employer Value Proposition as well as the visibility and accessibility of the open jobs. 
  • Save precious time with the direct multiposting functionality. 
  • Go even further with Talent boost, the most effective recruitment marketing tool in Belgium.
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Recruiter centric

Built to save time

  • Cut out the repetitive admin tasks thanks to clever automation. 
  • Create and manage your talent database automatically with all required information. 
  • Get a ranking of your top talent from both your database and applications thanks to the power of advanced AI matching.
  • Play on the matching criteria to prioritise what matters most and refine your candidate selection. 
  • Quickly invite your top 5 candidates for an interview!
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Recruiter centric

Built to empower your teams

  • Organise your hiring process thanks to custom workflows and setup of automatic follow-up actions, even at job level. 
  • Bring the whole team on board with collaborative tools to support alignment and fast decisions. 
  • Easily adapt anything you want: workflows, actions, teams and even your screens to make it your own – choose what you want to see.
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