Is it possible to send a job posting to a candidate from the database?
Yes, when you are in function, you have a column DATABASE, by clicking on it you arrive on the search page of the database, when your search is done. You can select the candidates of your choice and then click on ACTION and then ADD TO CONTAINER. A pop up will suggest you to go ...
Where can I change the text of an email?
In CONFIGURATION, then EMAIL TEMPLATES, you will find all the emails you can change. Be careful to change the text in all the languages used on your website and to save.
How do I change the email tags?
Go to CONFIGURATION, EMAIL TEMPLATES then click on EMAIL TAGS to see the list of possible tags. Pay attention that all tags on not possible in every kind of email.
How can I find the emails I sent to a candidate?
Two options: 1. via a function, click on the name of the candidate. On the left side, you have EMAIL LOGS (in this section you will find all the e-mails sent to the candidate. 2. Via your database, search for the candidate’s name. On the left side, you have EMAILS RECORDS. In this section you ...
How can I rename an email?
All statuses and email titles are editable in the Workflow section. Contact your account manager or chat to help you in this process.
A new user has problems creating his password?
The user has not RESET PASSWORD within the time limit of 48 hours. The HR administrator has to resend a PASSWORD REQUEST.