How can I publish on my internal jobsite?
In CONFIGURATION, go to JOB SETTINGS. Underneath on the right of your screen you will se INTERNAL JOBS URL. You have to put this link behind your own intranet site. To publish a job on that site, go to PUBLICATION CHANNELS and select only INTERNAL JOBSITE
Can the position of the jobs be changed on the website?
No, it is always sorted by the order of entry/date, to put a position top of list you can unpublish and republish.
When I have finished with the recruitment of a function, is it better to archive or delete the function?
It is always better to archive and not to delete. An archived function can always be copied and republished. Once the function is deleted, it is deleted for ever.
Can a job be depublished automatically?
Yes, if you put de depublishing date it will automatically be depublished at 11:59pm on the due date.
The APPLY NOW button does not appear on our job description. Why?
The SHOW APPLY BUTTON has to be turned on. If no one disactivates it, it is automatically turned ON