Thomas Loeckx
HR Analyst, Recruitment, HR Department - City of Brussels

“Talentfinder, Profile Group’s recruitment software, has enabled us to be more efficient and gain so much precious time that we can use to focus on the quality of our new employees. ”

Many job openings with very diverse profiles

The City of Brussels is the largest commune in the Brussels region both in terms of size and number of inhabitants. It is also one of the largest employers in the region with its 3900 employees. Beyond the pure administrative aspects, the mission of these employees is to offer a large range of services contributing to a pleasant living environment for its inhabitants. In addition to the services related to civil status and the population register, the City of Brussels also offers cultural, educational and early childhood care services, while ensuring urban and commercial development on its territory. 

Each year more than 300 jobs for very diverse functions are filled by external recruitment. The job offers published by the City of Brussels are as rich as they are varied: engineers, skilled workers, lawyers, administrative roles and childcare workers.

Talentfinder, Profile Group’s recruitment ATS, manages more than 10.000 candidates each year 

The City of Brussels is collaborating with Profile Group since 2014. This collaboration and the use of the Talentfinder ATS has enabled us to increase our visibility as an employer but has also helped the diffusion of our job ads with our partners as well as on the jobboards. Talentfinder enables us to easily manage more than 10000 applications and improve the communication and follow up with each candidate coming to us.

Now we can focus on what matters: the quality of our recruits 

Talentfinder, Profile Group’s ATS, is a great tool that has enabled us to be more efficient, gain so much time when managing our recruitments and, above all, focus on our key mission: the selection and the quality of our new employees. After so many years, we also value the on-going reactivity of the Profile Group team to our various requests and inquiries.