The municipality of Jette

The municipality of Jette is located in the Molenbeek Valley in the North East of Brussels. Jette used to be a rural village. Now it’s grown into a modern municipality where more than 50,300 inhabitants live in an area of 504 hectares, of which 23% parks and forests.

The municipal council – together with the CPAS and the police – aims to be as close as possible to its citizens in order to provide excellent services.

The municipality’s mission is to “create a warm environment focused on the quality of life of its citizens.” For this purpose the municipal council of Jette commits itself to:

-assure the administrative services

-guarantee a safe environment where it’s good to live

-provide educational, cultural and sport infrastructure and activities

-organize and support activities that make Jette a friendly municipality

-encourage a dynamic of economic development and solidarity


The values:

-Respect: each and every person will be supported and respected for who they are and for their own qualities.

-Professionalism: the municipality is fully committed to form a committed, capable and efficient team that is constantly improving.

-Integrity: because the trust of citizens is earned by adopting honest and exemplary behavior.

-Equity: citizens are accompanied in a fair and equitable way to enable them to have the same opportunities and enjoy the same rights.

The Human Resources department, which is divided in a competence management division and a recruitment division, is led by André Vanderstraeten (CHRO). The department is situated at the heart of more than 30 departments and almost 700 employees.

Before Talentfinder...

Benoit Vidal of the HR department shares his experiences before and after Talentfinder:

“How can we put our values into practice without an automated system to manage our recruitments? Without a tool for the simple and quick publication of job offers and the management of the massive influx of applications – from reception to response – it seemed to be an impossible challenge”

We receive hundreds of applications every month, either spontaneously or for one of our vacancies. They used to arrive via mail, fax or e-mail. We scanned all documents so we wouldn’t lose them... Before we could respond to the candidates, we lost so much time scanning, coding and monitoring all the applications. A very time consuming and tedious task.”

"When we wanted to post a job, we had to prepare the documents first. Then we handed them to the communications department of the municipality. They were responsible for the publication."

Benefits of Talentfinder...

“In order to organize our time more efficiently and to improve compliance with our procedures, we have rethought our procedure in a more logical way. That’s how we discovered Talentfinder.”

“Talentfinder rhymes with efficiency! When we publish a job offer, it appears directly on our own website and the websites of our partners which allows us make changes simply and quickly.”

“Candidates manage their own profiles and responses are sent to them automatically.”

"Talentfinder has an integrated chat feature which puts you in direct contact with the people of Profile Group. They’re quick to help us with our questions and implement the required changes. The tool is flexible, easy to use and allows us to process a large number of applications in a few clicks."


“We are very happy we have purchased Talentfinder. The tool is pleasant to use and we’re able to work a lot more efficiently. It made managing our applications enjoyable again.”

“In addition to centralizing our job offers and applications, Talentfinder generates statistics of the management of applications and job offers. This allows us to get a global view of the performances.”

"The conversations we had with the Profile Group team, were always very pleasant. Our questions were answered quickly and friendly. Thanks for the good work! "


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