Benoit Vidal
HR - Recruitment & Integration Service - Jette

“As well as centralising our job vacancies and applications, Talentfinder lets us generate statistics so we get an overview of how applications and job vacancies are being managed.”

Our recruitment project seemed overwhelming

Without a digital tool to make it easy and quick to post job vacancies and the ability to manage several hundred applications per month en masse (receiving, processing and responding), our recruitment project seemed overwhelming. On a more serious note, our HR department didn’t manage to convey our corporate values: respect for people, professionalism, integrity and fairness.

A tool to manage our recruitments!

Talentfinder is the recruitment management tool offered by Profile Group.
When we publish a job vacancy, it appears directly on our local authority’s website as well as on our partners’ websites. But we can make changes quickly and easily.
Candidates manage their own profile and responses are sent to them automatically.
Lastly, Talentfinder has a chat tool that means we can contact their support at any time. They are really responsive and answer questions or make any changes that might be necessary.

Talentfinder is efficient, modular and easy to use for everyone!

Talentfinder is all about efficiency! It is a fully modular tool and most importantly, it’s a pleasure to use for everyone involved. It makes the process more efficient, but also means that we can manage a large number of applications in just a few clicks. Lastly, the tool also means that we can generate statistics so we can get an overview of our recruitment situation.