Rachel Crepin - Chief HR Officer
Amélie Pecquet - Talent Acquisition & Development Manager - Sprimoglass

“Talent finder is a tool that saves us time and efficiency. It is easy and quick to implement. Everything is well thought out, with a real customer follow-up. Whenever we have a concern, we know we can turn to the Customer Success team. ”

A laborious CV management process

You could say that all the resumes we received were a mess. They were coming from different sources and the encoding was very time consuming. Valuable time was lost in order to do a proper follow-up. We had so many applications coming in from different places that we couldn't respond to every candidate.

Talent finder not only facilitates our daily work but also optimizes the candidate experience

Talent finder was recommended to us by Profile Group and we found it to be a great tool. On the one hand, it allowed us to have a centralized management and database of resumes, but also to optimize the follow-up of candidates, which ensures a better candidate experience. Moreover, it facilitates the distribution of our job offers. It also allows us to analyze candidate sources and target our efforts appropriately.

It's a great tool for centralizing and improving the candidate experience, but it's also a time-saving automation tool.