Candidate actions

What is the difference between applications details and candidate information?
The application details are the information that the candidate has provided to you when applying. Candidate Information is the candidate’s database record that includes all the documents or information he/she has provided since applying to your company.
How can I ad a document in a candidate’s file?
2 options: 1. Starting the a Job, click on the candidate’s name then APPLICATION FILES, underneath you will see ADD FILE. 2. Starting from the database, go to the candidate’s file and then in General Information underneath candidate file and add file.
If I transfer a candidate from one function to another, will he see it?
No he won’t see it. He will still be in both functions (the old one and the new one). You should send him an free email or call to inform him.
How do I change the date and hour of a interview? Or delete it?
In Jobs, click on COMMUNICATION MANAGER to see the interviewed fixed with a candidate. To change the meeting, chose the one you need to change and then select a new date and hour. SAVE your changes. To delete a meeting, press delete.
Where can I find a letter of motivation?
If the candidate has put a motivation letter when applying you will find it in his/her profile. If the candidate added it to their profile afterwards, go to CANDIDATE INFO and then to the APPLICATION FILE tab.
Can I sort out candidate by the star in a mission?
It is not possible to do a filter, but you can sort the candidates by star. To sort, go to your candidate list, at the top right you have a grey arrow next to the magnifying glass, you have SORT BY and you select EVALUATION. You can also choose right after if it should be ...
How can I delete a candidate?
Search the candidate in the DATABASE. Click on ACTIONS then DELETE CANDIDATE. The candidate can also delete his application by logging on MY PROFILE.
How can I change a comment?
Click on the comment bubble. To the right of the comment you want to modify you have a bubble with a pencil, click on it to modify your comment.
Does the candidate have access to the information I put in his file?
Each candidate receives a login and a link to create a password to log in to MY PROFILE on your job site. When the candidate is on his profile, he can modify, delete or add information. He will neither have access to your comments nor to the changes you do.
How can I find a candidate in a function?
In JOBS, click on the figure in the candidate column, scroll the list or type the name of the candidate in the search zone and then click on the magnifting glass.
Why in my Dashboard is the candidate tab at 0?
Because you have looked at the CVs of all the candidates and have no new ones. To review candidates, you need to go to JOBS and then click on the number in the CANDIDATE column